These are the main people featured in this website.

Ray - The walking expert - he's done more long distance walks than the rest of us. Like Larry, he can be relied on to keep us amused.
Peter - The fitness expert. Beats us all on challenge walks - sometimes he runs. Skills include navigation.

The Family

Anne - Ever-loving wife who loves walking, but struggles with the long ones, although she has completed both the White Peak Walk and the Chatsworth Challenge and done the North Ridge of Tryfan and Crib Goch.
Greg - Number One Son. Now resides in Oswaldtwistle - Loves Snowdonia and is now beginning to discover the Peak District and the "Lakes". Would spend his life walking or climbing if he could.
Ian - Number Two Son. Will walk when forced and has climbed most of the 3000 footers in Wales and completed the White Peak Walk - under duress!
Barry - The main walk planner and navigator - getting a "dab hand" with a GPS. Doesn't like the rain and often referred to as "Fairweather". Constructor of this website.


We must not forget Alan - Read all about him and his exploits when undertaking the White Peak Walk in 1995. Also read about his return visit to the WPW in 2004.
And a special mention goes to Larry's brother, Ken. I like walking with Ken 'cause I can keep up with him, and he always comes out with a few good jokes.
Larry - Who besides taking many of the photos also keeps us amused and is an accomplished drinker and womaniser (in his dreams). Very scared of cows.
Mick - The Transport Officer/Driver and because of this does not drink as much as the rest of us. This is a relief as his driving is a little worrying even when he's sober.

The Boys